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Check out this playlist on @8tracks: i’m feeling old by paytonrose.

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Rivers and Roads
The Head and the Heart The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart - Rivers and Roads

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Ms. Lauryn Hill’s response to Ferguson
Melody of "My Favorite Things"

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Michael Cera has a new 21 track digital album on his bandcamp!

Michael Cera - Those Days

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Ahh I screamed when I heard the Vancouver Sleep Clinic/ GXNXVS cover you're amazing I've been trying to find more VSC stuff! Okay but also have you heard of Boyhood? It's an indie filmed over 12 years starting with this boy when he's 6 until he's 18 and it's watching him grow up but anyways the soundtrack is incredibly rad but there's this one song called Hero by Family of the Year and it's just so great I suggest a listen.

i’ve wanted to watch Boyhood for a while now! i’ve heard of that song before, I like it a lot:-)

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She might be a little poppy but Foxes is a really great artist! Also Hands Like Houses is a great band.

checking them out right now :-)))))))

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oh god please tell me you've listened to Alt-J before? If not, listen to their song Breezeblocks. Also, you should listen to the band/artist St. Lucia because they are god.

i saw st. lucia when they opened for tdcc!!!!!

there’s this one version of breezeblocks that’s just the vocals (link) that tristan and i jam to all of the time

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mimi3349 asked
Have you heard or Kelela or Purity Ring. They are soooo good!!

I love purity ring, i’ll check out Kelela right now. 

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Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS - Hold On We’re Going Home (Cover)

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